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We are your No. 1 choice for experienced painters and decorators for interior and exterior painting, wallpaper hanging and house painting services - 01157 365 997

“We offer you the best prices on Painting and Wallpapering, which will add value to your home”

Decorating Experience You Can Rely On!
Probably the most valuable asset that you own today is your home or business, and as such it deserves the highest of standards when it comes to decoration. You should expect only the most experienced people and top quality materials for both inside and out.

As painters and decorators we have an enviable reputation for reliability, service and workmanship, which gives you the customer peace of mind, as you know that your property is being looked after at all times.

Our team comprises of people with more than 30 years experience, not only as painters and decorators, but also plastering and general property maintenance and restoration. We have painted and decorated both large and small, residential and business properties all across the East Midlands.painting-decorating-exeter-precision

No Job Too Small
However, we always say that no job is too small, and we are happy to paint your front door or fence, or decorate your whole house. And if you need any plastering work along the way we can take care of that too.

Do you have a wall that would benefit from a facelift with a good quality wallpaper? We can take care of that for you. We are confident in the service we provide, as more than 70% of our business comes from previous clients and references. We would be happy to call and give you a no obligation quote today!

Highly Experienced
We have experience in both interior and exterior work, on both commercial and domestic premises. When looking for a painter or decorator, it is important for you to look for a company that will give you the professional service that you require, and not just slap on a coat of paint or cut corners. And that is something that we are always aware of, and we treat the job as if we were working on our own properties.

                    Our corners are decorated to perfection … and we never cut those corners!



Preparation Is Key
We always say that preparation is the key, and we take pride in the preparation of your walls, so we don’t leave you with walls that have ugly bumps, holes and scratches. Our business has gone from strength to strength, as we have worked on all kinds of properties across Nottingham for the last 30 years.

And the reason for that is because we have a professional attitude to our business, and we have built up a network of people that recommend us on a regular basis. So our success is no accident, we have taken 25 years to build a reputation as painters and decorators, that strive for perfection at all times, and consistently exceed the expectations of our customers.

We have the experience and the tools required to take care of even the most complex of jobs and transform your home or business within the agreed time. Some of our services: Interior Design Wallpaperingpainting-and-decorating Interior Painting Stud Walls Exterior Painting Paper Hanging

A Professional Job
Most people these days are aware that to achieve the best results when painting a surface is more that just slapping paint on a wall with a roller while listening to the latest tunes on the radio, particularly when that surface is a wall or ceiling in your home.

The professional painter and decorator is aware of the surface to be treated, and which materials will work best on that surface, the preparation that is required and the process needed to deliver the best results. Better then to leave it to a professional. A professional too can help to save you money, by helping you to choose the materials that will perform best for the job, guide you into buying quality at the right price, and only purchase the quantities required, thus eliminating waste.

Many non professionals will find that they buy the wrong materials, at too high a price, and purchase more than they need. The savings here alone can pay for professional labour. We are happy to help you to choose the colours and materials that will blend perfectly into your home. We will work within a given time frame so that you are aware of how long any given job will be and when you can expect it to finish. And of course we are confident enough in this that we will guarantee our work at all times.

No Mess
And don’t expect to have to clean up any mess afterwards, we will dispose of any left over materials, and the leave the place so tidy that you won’t even know we have been working there. We treat all property with respect at all times.

So if you would like to speak with us about your requirements, or maybe you are looking for some ideas or inspiration on how best to update your home or business, please give us a call on the number on this page or complete the simple contact form so we can call you.

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